Learn about Naper Ville Wine Festival

The Naperville Wine Festival is a wine tasting event that occurs annually

Naperville Wine Festival is an annual event that draws people from all over the world. We host local restaurants and different wineries to pair foods and wines for an exceptional wine tasting experience.

The festival offers guests

a chance to sample over 300 wines from around the world.

At the wine festival, you learn about new and exciting wine varieties from experts in a setting that’ ambient and relaxed. Various cooking demonstrations and wine seminars occur throughout the event.

Many exhibiting wineries, event sponsors, restaurateurs and local chefs grace the event to give festival attendees an experience like no other. Local caterers and restaurants retail their signature dishes at the event to pair with your wine of choice.

The Naperville Wine Festival hire employees several months before the annual event to help with the preparation process. We work with a dedicated team who’re trained and experienced in the events industry. They work hard to ensure that the event becomes a success.

We have a large stage

at the festival venue for live music performances. We invite many local and international artists to perform at our event. Our aim is to keep the event lively and attendees entertained from start to the end.
We’re your choice of wine festival for the best experience. Whether you’ve been to other wine festivals or planning to attend your first event of this kind, you’re in for a great festival experience.

The Naperville Wine Festival is your go-to place for endless entertainment and wine tasting experience like no other. Book your tickets early to secure your slot at the event.



Vision and Mission


The mission of Naperville Wine Festival is to allow people to taste different wines paired with foods of their liking. We also allow wineries from around the globe and local vendors to exhibit at our festival.


Our aim is to become a leading wine festival worldwide. We focus on hosting top vendors and local restaurants to attract more people every year. We aim at attracting millions from around the world in the next half a decade


What We Do

We allow different vendors in the food and wine industry to exhibit at our festival. Our aim is to host wine tasting of multiple wines from different wineries worldwide.

you’re in for all kinds of entertainment. Whether you relax to classic or soul music, or prefer something harder like rock, we’ve got all your needs covered.

You can pair your favorite foods with different wines to determine what best suits your taste buds.

 every year to ensure many people can attend and have a great time. Lots of preparation goes into organizing the festival.

And, we spend a good part of the year preparing for the festival. We plan and begin working on the details of the festival early to make it a success.