Please sample responsibly and use a designated driver.

Peterson Spirits & Fine Wines

 Dry Creek Chenin Blanc

 Lake Sonoma Chardonnay

 Don Rodolfo Pinot Noir

 Eyzaguirre Cabernet Sauvignon

 Fidelity Red

 Dry Creek Heritage Zinfandel


Peterson Spirits & Fine Wines

 Mirabeau Pure Rose

 Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc

 Kiona Late Harvest Riesling

 Broadside Printers Alley Red

 Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet

 Paydirt Going for Broke


Peterson Spirits & Fine Wines

 Pazo Cilleiro Albarino

 Tropical Mango Moscato

 Real Campania Garnacha

 Vina Eguia Crianza

 Vina Eguia Reserva

 Bodegas Muriel Reserva


Ironstone Vineyards

 Ironstone Sauvignon Blanc

 Ironstone Chardonnay

 Ironstone Cab Franc

 Ironstone Reserve Cab Franc

 Ironstone Cabernet Sauvignon

 Ironstone Reserve Cabernet


Peirano Estates

 Peirano Chardonnay

 Peirano Six Clones Merlot

 Peirano The Other Red

 Peirano Cabernet Sauvignon

 Peirano Immortal Zinfandel

 Peirano Illusion Red


Georges Vigouroux

 Chenin de Mercues Chenin Sec

 Gouleyant Sauvignon Blanc

 Gouleyant Malbec Rose

 Gouleyant Sauvignon Blanc

 Le Vassal de Mercues Malbec

 Chateau de Mercues Malbec


Laird & Company

 Moletto Prosecco

 Indomita Sauvignon Blanc

 Indomita Carmenere

 Indomita Reserve Carmenere

 Indomita Cabernet Sauvignon

 Indomita Reserve Cabernet


Pali Wines

 Tower 15 Sauvignon Blanc

 Pali Charm Chardonnay

 Pali Alphabets Pinot Noir

 Pali Huntington Pinot Noir


Wente Vineyards

 Wente Riesling

 Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay

 Wente Southern Hills Cabernet

 Murrieta's Well The Whip

 Murrieta's Well Rose

 Murrieta's Well The Spur


Oak Ridge Winery

 Old Soul Chardonnay

 OZV Zinfandel

 Moxx Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel

 Old Soul Cabernet Sauvignon

 Lodi Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


St. James Winery

 St. James Mango

 St. James Apple Pie

 St. James Blackerry

 St. James Strawberry

 St. James Velvet Red

 St. James Pink Catawba


90+ Cellars

 90+ Lot 153 Sauvignon Blanc

 Lila Sparkling Rose

 Ironside Reserve Pinot Noir

 Corte Fiore Appsssimento

 90+ Lot 148 Cabernet Sauvignon

 Mija White Sangria



 Dexter Lake Blondini

 Walnut City Pinot Gris

 Walnut City Rose

 Yamhill Pinot Noir

 Thurston Wolfe Pinot Gris/Viognier

 Thurston Wolfe Zinfandel


Lolea Sangria

 Lolea White Sangria

 Lolea Pink Sangria

 Lolea Red Sangria


Alcohol by Volume

 Alias Chardonnay

 Alias Pinot Noir

 Alias Merlot

 Alias Cabernet Sauvignon

 Aviary Cabernet Sauvignon


August Wine Group

 Bocelli Prosecco

 Bocelli Pinot Grigio

 Fabre En Provence Rose

 Bocelli Sangiovese

 LaQuercia Montepolciano d'Abruzzo

 Navarro Corneas Privado Malbec


Three Badge Enology

 White Knight Prosecco

 White Knight Viognier

 Plungerhead Unoaked Chardonnay

 Plungerhead Lodi Cabernet

 Plungerhead Lodi Petite Sirah

 Plungerhead Lodi Zinfandel


Fess Parker

 Santa Barbara Chardonnay

 Santa Barbara Riesling

 Parker Station Pinot Noir

 Frontier Red

 Big Easy Red



 Isabel Rose of Cab

 Crios Torrentes

 Laurenz Singing Gruner Veltliner

 Spellbound Petit Sirah

 BenMarco Malbec



 Harken Chardonnay

 Robert Hall Chardonnay

 Line 39 Red Blend

 Line 39 Pinot Noir

 Day Owl Rose


Winery Exchange

 Reata Chardonnay

 Bread & Butter Chardonnay

 Bread & Butter Pinot Noir

 Bread & Butter Cabernet

 Whiplash Red

 Light Horse Cabernet Sauvignon


EJ Gallo

 Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc

 Dark Horse Pinot Grigo Cans

 Dark Horse Rose Cans

 Dark Horse Rose

 Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon





The Naperville Wine Festival provides an opportunity to sample from more than 250 wines from around the world. Below is a list of wine vendors and wines that will be featured at the 2018 festival.

2018 WINES

EJ Gallo

 LaMarca Prosecco

 Starborough Sauvignon Blanc

 Fleur De Mer Rose

 Apothic Rose

 Apothic Red


EJ Gallo

 William Hill NC Sauvignon Blanc

 William Hill NC Chardonnay

 William Hill NC Pinot Noir

 William Hill NC Merlot

 William Hill NC Cabernet


Bronco Wines

 Forest Glen Pinot Grigio

 JFJ Almond Sparkling

 Balletto Pinot Noir

 Picket Fence Red Blend

 Picket Fence Cabernet Sauvignon


Oliver Winery

 Oliver Sangria

 Oliver Soft Red Lime

 Oliver Cherry Moscato

 Oliver Cherry Cobbler

 Oliver Mead


Opolo Vineyards

 Opolo Viognier

 Opolo Grand Rouge

 Opolo Summit Zinfandel

 Opolo Mountain Zinfandel

 Opolo Cabernet Sauvignon


Murphy Goode Wines

 Murphy Goode Pinot Grigio

 Murphy Goode Sauvignon Blanc

 Murphy Goode Chardonnay

 Murphy Goode Red

 Murphy Goode Liar's Dice Zinfandel

 Murphy Goode Alexander Cabernet


Jackson Family

 La Crema Pinot Grigio

 La Crema Rose

 La Crema Pinot Noir

 Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay

 Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Cabernet


Santa Margherita

 Santa Margherita Prosecco

 Santa Sparkling Rose

 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

 Sassoregale Vermentino

 Sassoregale Sangiovese



 Family Time Is Hard Pinot Grigio

 Babe Pinot Grigio

 Babe Rose

 Pink Party Sparkling Rose

 White Girl Rose



 Zonin Prosecco

 Zonin Rose

 Poggio Moscato

 Dos Almas Gran Reserva Red

 Castello di Abola Chianti Classico


Treasury Wine Estates

 Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay

 Chateau St. Jean Rose

 19 Crimes Pinot Noir

 Walking Dead Red

 Beringer  Brothers Cabernet


Treasury Wine Estates

 Sterling Prosecco

 Matua Sauvignon Blanc

 Maison de Grand Esprit Rose

 St Huberts The Stag Chardonnay

 St Huberts The Stag Cabernet



 Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc

 Bonterra Rose

 Bonterra Red Equinox

 1000 Stories Gold Rush Red

 1000 Stories Zinfandel



 Frontera Moonlight White Blend

 Trivento White Orchid

 Castillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc

 Castillero del Diablo Rose

 Loco Lopez Sangria


Barton & Guestier

 Barton & Guestier Passport Vouvray

 Barton & Guestier Cotes Provence Rose

 Veuve du Vernay Brut

 Veuve du Vernay Rose Sparkling

 Veuve du Vernay Ice Rose


Van Duzer

 Smith & Perry Pinot Noir


Turquoise Life

 Vievite Rose

 Juliette Rose

 Luca Paretti Lovo Brut

 Luca Paretti Rosa Spumante

 La Cosmique Pinot Noir


SixtyFour - A Wine Bar

 J Vineyards California Cuvee

 J Vineyards Pinot Gris

 J Vineyards Russian River Chardonnay

 J Vineyards "Black" Pinot Noir


SOCIAL Wine Sparkling

 Elderflower Apple

 Strawberry Rose

 Hibiscus Cucumber

 Pink Grapefruit Ginger

 Toasted Coconut Almond



 Original Lemon Wine

 Lemongrass Lemon Wine

 Key LimeLemon Wine

 Cranberry Lemon Wine


Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

 Cooper's Hawk White

 Pinot Gris

 Pinot Noir

 Cabernet Sauvingon

 Almond Sparkling

 Passion Fruit


JuicyLuzy Sangria

 Traditional Sangri Ruby Red

 Mango Sangria

 Pear Sangria

 Pomegranate Sangria


PRP Winery

 Duca D'Amalfi

 Chevalier De Bayard






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