Foods and Drinks Your Kids Can Try at a Wine Festival

Summer is a time for lots of outdoor fun, including wine travel and winery visits. Exploring wine festivals is a great way to spend your time at this time of the year.

Parents can indulge in wine travel with kids at local wine festivals. It’s also possible to visit wineries with your kids for great shared moments for the entire family. Visiting wine festivals as a family guarantees you:

  • Great meal times
  • Memorable conversations
  • Fun family games
  • New friendships.

Make sure the wine events you pick are meant for families to ensure that your kids get appropriate experience and lots of fun. You must neither spend several hours drinking with the kids around nor drive while intoxicated with alcohol.

Take note of your country or state’s zero-tolerance policy for drunk driving.

With smart travel, wineries offer beautiful sunsets, relaxing meals and interesting teachings on wine and viticulture for the entire family.

Here’re tips to keep your young ones safe when planning to visit a winery or local wine festival:

  • Do your research early

Find out if the local festival or winery is family-friendly or only reserved for adults aged at least 21 years. Visit the official website of the winery or festival to locate this critical information. This information won’t just help you choose an appropriate event, but also plan your visits.

Look out for outdoor walking paths, kid-friendly games, and the mention of kid-friendly areas to determine if a wine festival is suitable for your kids. Activities such as hikes, trails and camping areas are great for the entire family.

  • Never leave your kids without adult supervision

Fundamentally, wine festivals and wineries aren’t meant for kids. Although they’re adult events, kids can attend family-friendly events.

No wine host is happy with kids running around the vineyard, gift shops or wine booths. They don’t just risk getting hurt, but can easily cause damage or a mess. Therefore, you must never leave them unattended.

Keep your kids entertained, close to you and well-behaved at all times. However, some events have designated large outdoor areas for kids attending such events. They can run or engage in fun activities such as toys, games, and coloring to keep them busy.

  • Don’t take too much time at tasting booths or bars

Find out about grape varieties and where they’re grown and how the host began the wine business. If there’s no entertainment for kids, sample only a few wine favorites to taste. Buy a glass of your best wine (or bottle to drink later) to enjoy elsewhere as your young ones take snacks.

Get your kids a table away from the tasting booth or bar where they can enjoy their games as you indulge in wine tasting. You can also join them at this table to keep them company as you drink your glass of wine.

  • Teach your kids proper winery behavior

Teach your kids how to behave around wineries just as you do with museums, restaurants, stores, malls, etc. Let them know they must stay in areas strictly designated for kids or with you at all times.

Your kids must learn to keep their voices low, keep their hands off things that belong to other people, be polite, and avoid running to stay safe. Determine what your kids can handle and what they can’t because you know them well.

Consider spending short times at festivals or wineries if your kids are troublesome. Enjoy wine tasting, engage the host with questions and savor a glass of your favorite wine before leaving.  You must teach your kids how to behave in different areas at the festival.

  • Look for restaurants, activities and large outdoor areas for kids

Choose events with large outdoor areas designated specifically for kids. They have enough room in large spaces to run, play and socialize with other kids. They can also enjoy their favorite meals in restaurants while you indulge in wine tasting.

Wine festivals and wineries that welcome kids usually offer activity areas for kids to keep them busy and engaged, ensuring they have lots of fun. Most events situate activity areas or playrooms where parents can monitor their kids from the tasting areas.

Make sure that playrooms with computers and digital games have invested in security solutions at a lower price point to keep your kids safe online. Good solutions also provide rebates on payments for identity theft protection.

  • Prepare activities for the kids

If you must visit a festival or winery with the kids, but can’t find something on the host’s website about kids, prepare to keep them busy. Some events lack playrooms and areas designated specifically for kids.

In this case, carry books, games or devices such as iPads or iPods to keep your little ones busy and pre-occupied. “Cheat”, “Go Fish” and deck cards are ideal for older kids.

  • Book private visits or tours

Wine tours or private visits to wineries offer kids opportunities to learn about culture, history, science, or mythical literature. They’ll discover caves, learn about prohibition, explore ancient ruins, and indulge in tasting designed just for kids.

Book tours for wine festivals or private visits for wineries. Find out from the hosts if they welcome kids and have programs or activities suitable for them.