Human beings have been drinking wine for more than 8,000 years. Wine is one of the few drinks with an extensive collection of styles. Winemakers need to determine the type of wine before they harvest grapes. As a result, there are several types of wine styles today. Each one of them is a result of a specific production process.

We will list several types of wine types based on their color, body, and other factors.

Full-bodied Red Wine

A full-bodied wine has a high concentration of tannins and alcohol content. You can feel the tannins when you drink the wine because tannins have a slippery sensation. Consequently, your lips will come together when you taste the wine.

The journey to creating full-bodied red wine starts with grape seeds and skins. Winemakers take the skins and seeds for storage in fresh wooden barrels. After the grapes are fermented, they put the product in another barrel for further fermentation. The aim is to increase the number of acidic elements within the wine. This will give the wine a creamier taste.

Full-bodied red wine has a smell similar to that of dark fruits, including cherries. It’s an intense wine that you can use to accompany healthy foods, like a beefsteak. People prefer to drink them from large bold glasses because they think that increases the flavor and aroma.

Medium-bodied Red Wine

Medium-bodied red wines are a common feature in most meals. They make an excellent accompaniment because they can pair well with more decadent and medium meals. Generally, most medium-bodied red wines have a strong taste because of their pepper notes.

Medium-bodied wines have medium acidic content and a moderate amount of tannins. Nevertheless, medium-bodied red wines have a considerable range of red fruits. The flavor is believed to be a result of climatic and fermentation elements.

Light-bodied Red Wines

Light-bodied red wines have a tiny amount of tannins. Winemakers usually use skinned grapes to prepare light-bodied red wines. However, this does not mean that you can’t pair these wines with many types of meals. People who hate other wines’ high acidity content prefer the rough taste of full-bodied red wines. For example, Pinot Noir is a red wine with a delicate flavor and legendary sensitivity. If you want to increase the impact of light-bodied red wines, you should serve it in a glass with a large bowled shape.

Rose Wines

Rose wines have attributes of white and red wines. Perhaps you have heard how they make the perfect wine for summer. Also, they have a wonderful flavor that goes well with spicy meals such as Mexican cuisine. You can expect the guests to range from raspberry and strawberry. This can vary depending on what method was used to prepare the wine and the region where the grapes were grown.

One of the main attributes of rose wines is that winemakers use minimum maceration. The wine will be left with skins of red grapes for several minutes. However, the winemakers are careful not to leave it for too long because it may turn into red wine. Rose wines are famous in many California regions, such as Sonoma and Napa.

Full-bodied White Wine

Full-bodied white wine comes from grapes fermented in an oak barrel. Perhaps the most famous type of this type of wine is chardonnay. Winemakers use vanilla and coconut traces during the preparation of full-bodied white wine. Some use water softeners to increase the versatility of production methods and produce high-quality wine in some cases.

Full-bodied white wine is a beautiful meal because you can mix it with other types of males. For instance, it’s a beautiful accompaniment for lobsters and most seafood. However, you will have to wait for more than ten years before the wine can be ready for drinking.

Light-bodied White Wine

If you prefer a sensational touch on your tongue when you drink wine, you should go for light-bodied white wines. These are wines with a crisp taste that are ideal for the warm summer. It’s common to see people taking this type of wine with sushi or salad.

A key advantage of light-bodied white wine is that you don’t have to wait for so long before they can be ready for drinking. Generally, they’re ready to drink within 12 months. As a result, light-bodied white wines are very abundant in shops and malls. Moreover, you can find them at a low price.

Aromatic White Wine

An aromatic white wine will liven up your life. While other wines concentrate on flavor and taste, aromatic white wines concentrate on the smell. The wine has unforgettable perfume notes.

Some winemakers prefer to make aromatic wines using residual sugar. The residual sugar cancels out any presence of bitterness or acidity. This is an idea borrowed from the practice of putting sugar in the lemonade.

You should be aware that the sugar will increase the wine’s amount of sweetness. Although it is possible to make dry wine from any grape, the way you prepare the wine can affect its sweetness. That is why some winemakers keep aromatic wines in the open until they are dry. Aromatic white wines can be taken with any meal type, especially Asian dishes.

Sparkling Wines

Napoleon spoke favorably of sparkling wine, and sparkling wine is the most popular thing to drink when celebrating victory. It can also be used when people are grieving because of failure. Champagne is a type of sparkling wine native to many French regions.

Traditionally, sparkling wine is prepared by fermenting grapes in a tank or bottle. Once the fermentation is complete, an expert will determine the sugar quantity in each drink. They will mix yeast, sugar, and some wine to do this. The resulting wine will then be called sweet or dry, depending on the amount of sugar it contains. Sparkling wine can be combined with fish or any other meal.


Wine is a wonderful drink that can transform any meal. While most people do not have a favorite style, some do. Therefore, it’s advisable to go over the styles and choose your favorite.

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