Foods and Drinks Your Kids Can Try at a Wine Festival

Many adults attend the Naperville Wine Festival every year. And, with bachelor and bachelorette parties, adults-only getaways and night dates for couples to eat and drink, you may wonder whether there’s actually something for kids at a food and wine festival.

Today, wine festivals also create programs and activities for kids of all ages, meaning you can bring yours along. You can brave the crowds at a wine festival with your kids to enjoy a day of food, magic, culture, and lots of fun for the entire family.

Wine festivals provide more than enough fun activities to keep you and the kids active and happy. Every festival gives a chance to sample various delicious eats and treats, including drinks for adults and kids alike.


Is it worthwhile visiting food booths with your kids?

Well… Yes!

Whereas some treats are kid-friendly, others lean towards the adult side. Before attending a wine festival with your kids, do research in advance on the various booths and menus to determine what to expect.

Otherwise, look for icons for kid-approved food options to get started. Here’re food and drink options, including treats you can buy your kids at a wine festival:

11 Foods and Drinks to Buy Your Kids at Wine Festivals

  • Banana Almond Soft-Serve Sundae

This tasty treat is sweet and makes a great snack for your kids. The affordable drink is nutritious and healthy with almonds and bananas to keep your kids full for longer.

  • Candy sushi

Some booths at wine festivals allow visitors to prepare their candy sushi. Hone your kids’ creativity with this activity. They won’t just learn how to make sushi out of candy, but get a sweet snack to treat self once done.

  • Super Yummy Cheese Tours

You’ll find a cheese booth with at least 5 types of cheeses for your kids to try out. Look for options such as cheesecakes to find what your kids love the most. Your kids don’t have to try out everything at once but a specific cheese for a particular day. This ensures they don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Strawberry Soft Serve

This is a delightful treat that tastes and looks great. Decorated with colorful sprinkles and housed in a waffle cone, it’ll sure please your young ones.

  • Spike the Bee Drink

This sipper cup is available in multiple flavors for your kids to choose. Ranging from frozen lemonade to frozen coke, this souvenir drink is bound to light up your kids’ faces. You can buy the drinks to bring home as souvenirs and memorabilia.

  • Mac and Cheese

Some kiosks at wine festivals are devoted to preparing Mac & Cheese for kids. Whereas lobster and buffalo chicken are ideal for experimental kids, those who love to play it safe with their foods will love Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese with Herbed Panko toppings or the Gourmet Macaroni with Cheese.


  • Cheese Soup

This soup is an exquisite dish that’s popular among kids at festivals. The wonderful soup is creamy, tasty and rich in aromatic nutrients for bone health. Apart from being tasty, it also boosts the immune system to ensure that your kids fall sick less often.

You can share a single order among your kids if they have low appetites. The filling nature of the soup will make your kids fuller for longer, making it a perfect snack. What’s more, it’s something you can prepare for the little ones back home to boost their health.

  • Caramel-Apple Popcorn

This is a delicious treat your kids can enjoy as they tour various programs at the festival. It gives a delicious caramel melt in the mouth with a pint of tart apple-flavored kernel. This gives a colorful and sweet taste. Buy a few packs to bring with you as you explore the festival events.

  • The Canadian Cheddar Soup

This bowl of soup is delightful and soothing. The chives and bacon garnishing take its taste to another level. Dip the pretzel roll it comes with to treat your taste buds. Kids love this affordable snack that keeps them full for longer in between meals.

If your kids are on supplements, you can give their soup a custom touch. Depending on their health needs, you may check out supplement reviews to pick the right product that will give you everything you need in your kids’ diet.

With a well-rounded plan, your kids won’t just enjoy their favorite soup, but nourish their bodies with healthy nutrients from the supplements.

  • Frozen S’mores

Pair this frozen treat with marshmallow cream and graham cracker crumble for a delicious meal. Your kids won’t stop asking for more of this dessert.

  • Pineapple Soft Serve Refreshment

Let your kids cool off in hot weather with this non-dairy treat. The snack is refreshing, tasty and filling. Get it for your kids to keep them cool in the summer heat as an alternative to the usual soft drinks.

Other snack delicacies you can get your kids include Tacos de Puerco, Cheese Bread (Pao de Queijo), the Belgian Waffle with Chocolate Ganache, and Almond Truffle Liquid Nitro Chocolate.


When heading for a wine festival with the kids, treat them to one of the dishes, snacks or drinks to make your visit fun and memorable for the entire family. Choose what works for your kids and the entire family to enjoy your time at the festival.

What works for your kids may not work for others, hence the need to choose only what meets your needs. Challenge your adventurous eaters to learn about other cultures and try out different cuisines if they’re interested.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to serve your young ones burgers and fries if they love to play it safe with their meals as you sample cuisines from around the world.